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Mario Games Quiz



Welcome to our Super Mario Quiz

You know the Super Mario Brothers. They are cute little crusaders that want nothing more than to save Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Bowser for nothing more than the satisfaction of freeing the Mushroom Kingdom. They are noble Italians (that look like Mexicans, living in United States and developed by Japanese) that apparently keep the plumbing up to par when they aren’t trying to save the kingdom from utter dismay as well. They also tap into things like leaves, stars, and flowers to get magical powers to aid them in their seemingly endless quests across multiple maps to save the day. If that isn’t what heroes are made of then I don’t know what is.

Super Mario game is developed in Japan, by Shigeru Miyamoto, and making fans happy for nearly 36 years already. This is one of the most famous and popular video games in the world. The very first game came out in 1985 on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and since then 22 more games was developed, with the last one that came out in 2019. Mario and his brother Luigi has been all around the world, dungeons, galaxies, fighting angry villains, mushrooms and saving Princess Peach!


How well do you know Mario Games? Do you remember which one was the first? Did you play every Mario Nintendo Games? Let's test your knowledge and find out!


This is a medium difficulty quiz that has 30 questions about Mario Nintendo Games. To pass the quiz, you need to answer all questions correctly. Incorrectly answered questions will be shuffled at the end of the quiz until answered correctly.


Good luck!